VirtualBox Free Virtual Server for your Mac OS X, Linux or Windows System

Have you ever wanted to try on of the great Linux distributions, or perhaps Free BSD (the core for Apple MAC X), or one of the other free operating systems available on the internet. Well you may have tried the VMWare(tm) Virtual Machine for the free 30 day period, and kinda had a problem letting go of the $200 price tag when the free period expired. In any case, and for whatever your reasons for waiting, now your ready to jump into the world of Linux and free operating system. Or maybe you just want to run a couple of free operating systems on you current machine, but do not want partition your hard drive.

Oracle VituralBox product is an open source project sponsored by Oracle. What does open source mean you ask? Well for most of us it means FREE, and mot much more, unless you are a developer of software and want to help create the product.

I have successfully installed and tested the following OSs on virtual box Linux CentOS, Fodora Core, Slackware, Linux Mint, Apple(tm) Snow Leopard and Lion, Microsoft(tm) Windows XP, Vista (yuck), and XP and found it is the perfect virtual platform on windows. It is easy to install, setup and use and the best part of the whole project it has been completely free. Give it a try and start you Geek Project today.

Get it here:

Here is a great video I found on You Tube that will walk you trough setting up and testing you new VirtualBox platform.

Hardware requirements – I have run Virtual box on Windows XP, and Windows 7 personally and it works great on both. See the software site for more information on hardware requirements. It works on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Apple is a trademark of Apple Computers, VMWare of VMWare Corp, and Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Seriously Fast WordPress Hosting for Serious Bloggers has Arrived!

Well if your blog is a simple hobby and not meant for anything but to get your messages out, this may not be your cup of tea. One of the cheaper hosting providers may work just fine. However, if you are a serious blogger and rely on your site to be up and working 100% of the time this is the answer you have been waiting for.

Have you ever had one of those budget hosting providers on the phone at 8pm wondering why your site is down? Wondering why the support tech on the other end just does not understand you loosing credibility, money, and more important time, while he tells you he dose not know much about WordPress and just can help you as to why your site is not working correctly. He tell you the host is working fine and the rest is up to you to make work and fix. Well I have, and I can tell you it is a bit frustrating.

What if you could have experienced tech staff standing by, the very best hardware, and more importantly a real WordPress expert when you need him? Even if the new update of your current theme did cause the problem, you have help you need to get back online fast.

Well have a look at the fastest WordPress hosting platform I have ever seen.

What is Cloud Computing?

We have all heard the new internet term “the Cloud” and I know many of you are wondering what is the cloud “exactly” anyway, even if your too embarrassed to ask. Hey, I have been in the IT business for almost 25 plus years and I wondered the exact same thing. So I got online one evening, after receiving a meeting request from a client on “Expanding our Cloud Services”, I decided I should know what the term “The Cloud” meant exactly after all I was already doing it anyway apparently.

So much to my surprise, after a few hours of reading and a visit to wiki. I found it was a simple concept, that had been around since the early 1980s, that some marketing gurus figured out a great descriptive buzz word for. It means shared resource services (old school idea, reserved for mostly big business, sharing main frame resources), using the Internet as a transport vessel instead of the expensive Wide Area Network (WAN) lines of traditional service providers of the past. This IT model that not only cuts the cost of server hardware, the infrastructure to correctly support a server environment, and expense of management and personal skill sets need to install and support such systems (we all know geeks are not cheep). In attention it eliminates much of the communications cost, as well as providing easily and almost immediate expansion capabilities.

Meaning now you can use Open Cloud Computing Software a as Service (SaaS) for such mandatory systems as accounting, order entry, shipping, billing, accounts payable, manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), imaging and a host of other applications and resources from vendors that specialize in these areas, at a fraction of the cost of installing those systems in house. Accessing this systems on standard internet connections or more secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Eliminating a big expense to the traditional Wide Are Networks (WAN) of the past.

Turning up and down the amount of computing power you need by a few clicks of a button, in many cases, and such task require very little effort to add locations or staff. Information Technology Project management becomes a thing of the past. These systems are already up and running with support staffs in place provided by the vendors themselves in most instances. Upgrades are part of the service, in most offerings, and do not require additional expenses, also a simple as a few clicks of a mouse, in may instances. Not to mention you have developers that can create the custom software changes many companies need to increase productivity in a competitive environment, right on the software they install, support and develop everyday. No learning curves like is needed with projects completed by the traditional custom software developers.

And if it is not good enough with all that being said the most exciting part of this Information Technology of the future is most of the software is web based, using compatible software ad-on like java, and other compatible technologies. You not stuck running work stations, and laptops, from one specific vendor. Many of the application offered today are compatible on all MACs, All Windows OS, and Linux desktops, just about any operating systems offering a stand web browser software all at the same time. Many time without installing any software on these work stations what so ever, and if so, it is a automated process seamless to the end user.

Many of these software offerings offer integrated software solutions like Open Cloud Software and Cloud Accounting Software products. Perfect for the start up business, or the business looking to expand, and upgrade there existing systems. Small, Medium and large companies can find solutions today that will not only save them more than 75% on there IT budget, but will provide there end users with a better experience, as well as eliminating many of the hassles inherent in traditional in house Information Technology server environments.

Turning Spare Hardware in a Vitural Machine with CentOS 6.2

Virtual Server is the new in thing when it comes to hard core geek computing. Being able to run a Varity of OSs on one machine is simply a must in today computing world. The problem is most Virtual Machines are generally high end servers that require enterprise hardware and software to get up and running. Not anymore … here is a great how to video on turning a, Dual Core 3gb / 80 gb Hard drive, spare machine in a CentOS 6.2 power Virtual box. Get ready to build you own simple and reliable VM server on you spare hardware. Get that spare hardware ready and watch the below video.